Beloved, how I just love that word…

Beloved photo sessions aren’t just for celebrating engagements they can be for dating couples, wedding anniversaries or just because. A beloved shoot can be anything! It’s all about the two of you and the amazing relationship that you share. Consider putting some thought into it or going for something you’ve always wanted to try. It’s a chance to have fun and get creative, you can make it an expression of who you are. Here are a few ideas to get your mind going in the right direction.

You can incorporate something you love to do together like a favorite sport (go broncos!) or a favorite pass time such as dancing, reading or just walking along the beach. It doesn’t have to be anything ‘fancy’ just a little part of each of you and what you enjoy doing as a couple.

We could include one of your furry critters as well, be it a horse, a dog or any of God’s other silly four legged creations.

Is there a location with special meaning to the both of you? Possibly where you first met, or snuck that first kiss. Maybe you have a favorite beach or park that you love to frequent. The possibilities here are endless!

Whatever you decide on, don’t be limited by what you think a beloved shoot should be because it really can be whatever you would like to make it. It’s all about the two of you and being able to show off who you two are together.