Jacob and Family

Sam and Sarah (4)

Burns Wedding 2014  (21)


Cousins 8


Burns Wedding 2014  (36)

Cousins 10

Wes and Bri (1)

Recent Happenings

  • Burns Christmas 2015 15
    When you have a little one this cute and all of your family in town it’s just the perfect excuse to capture some first Christmas memories♥          ...
  • August's 1st Birthday 16
    This little fellow is so special and it was so fun being able to capture a part of his first year here on this earth♥ Happy Birthday Auggie!        ...
  • Mike and Monica 6
    This is another one of those shoots that fits into the “awesomely special” category. Monica is such a light and inspiration through her battle with that horrible thing called cancer. (Even typing...
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