My name is Amanda Evenson but I’ve always gone by Mandy (so much less ‘formal’ feeling don’t ya think?) I am an absolute lover of photos and photography. I tend to be one of ‘those’ people who has her camera with her everywhere she goes, just in case ‘that’ moment happens. There is just something about the feeling and joy that comes with capturing a moment for myself or someone else… I want to take the type of photo you just want to have one of hanging in every room of your home because every time you look at it it moves you. For me that is what photography is about catching those memories, your memories.

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I am am a 5th generation farmer, born and raised here on the beautiful west side of Templeton / Paso Robles on my family’s farm. I am one of those people who started out as a little kid with those fun little, one time use, throw away, Kodak cameras and got bit by the photography bug. Growing up my Mom and Dad were kind and willing enough to feed my new addiction ever so slowly with some beginner digital cameras. Well now that I am part of the “grown up” club I have been able to upgrade to some pretty awesome tools that I so enjoy getting to use to capture other peoples special moments as well.

I feel so blessed to be able to combine two of my loves with photography and farming. Being able to invite folks out here to enjoy a little bit of God’s beautiful handiwork and capture them framed in it, is just so cool. I hope that I can help others see themselves the way that their creator sees them, absolutely perfectly made. Let me capture you… perfectly you in a way that you can look back on and smile at for many years to come.

I am so willing to travel all over San Luis Obispo county to help you find the perfect location to suit you and who you are and help you tell your story.

Just to help you get to know me here is a little list of  some things I love –

Photos – You probably already guessed that one
Chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream – yummm!

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Goats – My little babies
Smiley faces – Use these way too much sorry 😉
Fishing – Peaceful and fun, yet competitive
Sweet peas – My Great Grandpa’s favorite too, ask me about the whole story
Turquoise – The color of most everything in my house (and closet)
Clouds – Especially after a storm
Scrapbook paper – Yes I am mildly obsessed
Hay fields – Bright green or beautifully golden
Casey – My husband and soul mate
The word ‘Beloved’ -My all time favorite word
Jesus – My lord and savior♥